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Das Open Access Jounal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS) (mit einem nicht zu verachtenden Impact Factor) ruft für sein Special Issue “Interaction in Massive Courses” zur Einreichung nach Beiträgen auf:

Suggested topics this special issue will/may include (but are not limited to) the

  • Information Systems with a special focus on interaction in large classes
  • Audience Response Systems
  • Field studies about interaction in large learning groups
  • Interaction in massive courses (presence and distance learning)
  • New and Social Media use in classrooms for enhancing interaction
  • Concepts, scenarios and technologies supporting collaboration and information sharing in scope of massive courses
  • Strategies, techniques and technologies fostering peer to peer learning and community building in massive online courses
  • Implicit knowledge discovery and recommender systems for enhancing collaborations within massive online courses
  • Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) concepts to enhance interactions in massive online courses
  • Literature reviews on interaction in large learning groups, e.g. MOOCs
  • Position and vision papers

Unter den Reviewern sind auch die “Urväter der MOOCs” Stephen Downes und George Siemens und einige andere namenhafte Experten… außerdem ich 😉


  • Beiträge in englischer Sprache
  • Einreichung als PDF nach den Guidelines des J.UCS
  • Deadline: 09. Juni 2013

Hier geht es zum Call for Papers (PDF).