eMOOC2016 (Submissions Deadline: September 28, 2015) plans to support a special “Flipped Conference MOOC-Track”. The main idea is that open discussions should replace or add to the traditional conference presentation mode. Therefore, MOOC experts are encouraged to submit a written publication and in case of acceptation also an additional 5-minute video focusing on the main content and including questions addressing the provided topic.

Without a MOOC, it would be no MOOC Conference

These videos will be used to offer a Flipped Conference MOOC, lasting six weeks and starting at January 12, 2016.

Discussion on the MOOC platform and via Twitter will be organized to start the conversation prior to the eMOOCs conference.

Flipped Conference MOOCer will be the elite of EMOOCs 2016

ATTENTION: We will honor the participation and successful completion of the MOOC with a premium participant status for the eMOOCs 2016 conference that includes access to the Flipped Conference discussion track, special labeled tags/lanyards and for sure some further nice gimmicks.

Submissions for the Flipped Conference MOOC-Track are possible for the research track and for the experience track.

EMOOCs 2016

EMOOCs 2016

Beitragsbild: Flip! von Basheer Tome (CC BY)